Build the right product, the right way.

User experience, product strategy and tech solutions


We know you have great ideas, but let’s make sure the market agrees before you go all in.


You see the top of the mountain, now how do you get there? Let’s find the shortest path together.


Remember how the last big project took ages to ship and how fast it sank? No more. We'll build small, test often and adjust as we go.


We only work to make an impact

Learning over Outsourcing

Outsourcing steals you of valuable learning, we help you find the fish and teach you how to catch it.

Progressive Adoption over Global Transformation

Company shifts don’t happen by royal decree. Like in any market adoption spreads by example: we help you create momentum.

Understanding Problems over Forcing Solutions

A solution can only address one problem, but one problem can lead to multiple solutions. Spend more time on problems, that’s where real opportunity lies.


We are creative technologists

Fiodor Tonti

Fiodor Tonti

Product Strategy and UX

Over ten years experience with corporate and startup enterprises.

Advisor for startup accelerators and Google Expert.

Daniele Dellafiore

Daniele Dellafiore

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

Over ten years experience as coder, architect and tech lead, Daniele combines system design creativity with solid foundamentals on programming and product development.

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